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South Texas iDEAS Festival

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

On Friday, July 29th, 2022, Craft Cultura was invited to participate at the 2022 South Texas Ideas Festival in McAllen, Texas. Craft Cultura founder, Misael Ramirez gave a keynote speech to a room full of RGV high school students, followed by three workshops led by the Craft Cultura team. Each workshop had a different theme that would show a unique element of art, activism, and literacy through a community-building framework. We would like to thank all of the organizers of this festival and all of the students that made this day possible. We love affirming community knowledge and building relationships across generations!

From STXi Website:

Every year, we host several different community events and activities that are all aimed toward one common goal: bring together the people of the Valley in discussion and appreciation. Our biggest event is our annual STXi Festival, which will be taking place this year in July 2022 at the McAllen Convention Center in collaboration with MXLAN!

Craft Cultura Team at the 2022 South Texas Ideas Festival

Upon the presentation on the history and work of Craft Cultura, the Craft team separated students into three groups. Each group would have Craft team members facilitate instructions and help guide the students.

Students designed their own shirts, created poetry, and spoke about issues that impact their daily lives.

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